Alex Lifeson of RUSH

This image of Alex was captured in 2011 at the Frank Erwin Center in Austin. Alex produces a unique style and sound and is a vital part of one of the most talented rock bands in history. Watch this.

Alex is seen here with his signature Gibson Les Paul "Axcess" in Royal Crimson. A truly beautiful instrument customized to his preferences. 

The band is currently on tour in 2013.



Van Halen


Martina McBride




The Darkness


About the Image

 Ole' Bermuda Railway

Ole' Bermuda Railway                                                                           


JoJo and I took a trip to the beautiful island of Bermuda last summer. It was so much fun, we already have plans to go back. We ventured around on a small 50cc cycle we rented which produced a top speed of about 35 MPH (downhill). We cheerfully buzzed around, all along the winding roads of the island.

Early one morning, as I explored the coastline on the little Moped with all my gear, I discovered cool looking bridges, tunnels, and pathways under the streets connected with trails. Overgrown with Rubber Trees, the abandoned tunnels were intriguing so I decided to park the bike and venture around on foot to get a closer look. 

These trails were part of the old Bermuda Railway, originally constructed in the 1920’s to help provide transportation for tourists, produce, and just about everything else. At that time, automobiles were banned and the islands main source of transportation - boats, horses, carts, and carriages, wasn’t enough to accommodate demand. The railway operated from 1931 to 1948 and was shut down by the local government due to structural issues and mounting debt associated with it’s operation.  

 I found this old tunnel as I explored down the trail and decided to set up and see what I could do. To achieve desired results, I decided to take a series of shots using my tripod and my cameras bracketing and interval timer features. In aperture priority mode, I set the camera to automatically shoot seven images with a shutter speed variation of one stop for each. This allows the camera to capture the dynamic range of the light (so you can see down the tunnel). For this type of image, I like to use HDR Effex Pro software to merge the images into a single file. This makes it possible to show proper exposure (to my preference) throughout the image as it’s virtually impossible to do with a single shot. 

The island of Bermuda is amazing. Sitting all alone in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, it should be on any photographers “bucket list”.

To view more images from Bermuda, please visit my gallery “outside"  


gear and stats  - Nikon D700, f16, 1/50th, ISO 200, Nikon 24-70mm f2.8 AF-S ED @ 35mm, Feisol CT-3441S Tripod with Feisol CB-50D Ballhead


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